Spanish Butterfly

A story of Love, Lust and Learning by Tyrone Moore

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The Beginning

By Tyrone A. Moore Maria Ramirez was a descendant of Spanish and English background. No one but her knew the pain she endured in an environment of division and betrayal. Like rolling the dice, her lot in life was involuntary. None of us gets to pick who our mother,...

April 12, 2021 Monday 5:50am!

Got up at 3:30 this morning! Went to the car wash and washed my wife’s car. Came home and checked my emails and social media, when I strolled across a message: “Purpose is waiting on YOU,” from a young woman named Kadesha Jenkins, the pastor of...

Coming Soon

My book is coming soon, stay in touch for all the latest on it’s progress and release date.

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