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It is Friday November 12th, a day after Veteran’s day. I asked my wife to come along with me, to Barnes and Nobles, while I spend some time writing on my blog.

We just came from Ivy Bridge–a very good health store in Tustin California, where they have all kinds of natural medications, salads, soups, and sandwiches.

We normally grab their Ivy Bridge garden salad, avocado sandwich, and a strawberry-banana smoothie for me–and a Hibiscus drink for my wife. It is pretty pricey, but it’s worth it in the long run regarding your over all health is concerned!

Oh, today the temperature is 99 degrees outside. Yesterday, it was 100 degrees here in OC! It feels extremely hot, kind of feels like it does in Navada, or something. That is Southern California for you.

This time of year is called…”Indian Summer.”

Well the AC in Barnes and Nobles is pretty chilly inside. I would rather deal with it, then deal with the heat out there hands down!

At any rate, I hope you all are nice and comfortable today, and have nice things planned for the weekend–with your loved ones and friends.

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