“Blogging and a fresh cup of coffee, is the perfect combination.” (TM) 🦋


Express yourself with your favorite blog, and a great cup of coffee.

There’s millions of great books out there. Pick your favorite and lose yourself in it!

But there is only a few top of the line, coffee venues out there, that I would give five stars to–and one of those is taking Las Vegas by storm–and that is by the founder of Doppio Express Mobile Truck Tom Blanco.

Congratulations for bringing the “bling-bling” to fresh taste, and presentation you have brought, to the scene sir!

I want to be the first, from our hometown of Santa Cruz, California to enjoy of fresh brewed cup of Tom’s now famous, Doppio Express Coffee. 😜

You can learn MOORE, where Doppio Express Mobile Truck will be visiting next, and where they are currently serving today–by following Tom @doppioexpress702

Don’t forget to bring your favorite book, or laptop–your favorite blog!

Please let us know here, if you are so lucky to experience this great new venue, before I do. Just leave a reply or comment below, what you think.

Thank you for reading this blog post, and blessings to you for leaving a comment/reply below. 🙏

Tyrone Anthony Moore

“Moore Writing” (TM) ✍️

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