To Do List: My Next Steps & Progress Needed To Finish Writing My Book!

At the moment I am just writing content for my book at least three to four times a week. I am advertising my book writing on just about all the social media platforms that I can. I know I need professional help scaling/promoting my work–book. What has been heavy on my mind is….

  • Translating a separated page of my book in Spanish!
  • Finding sponsorship for my book!
  • Saving all my content on a drive etc.
  • Finding more support for my book!
  • Join other’s blogs and podcast.
  • Write more often consistently!
  • Help other’s endeavors for as much as time allows me!
  • Creating the perfect pitch for my book & finding the most eye appealing cover for my book!

Today is July 2, 2021 3:59 pm. My wife and I just left Mimi’s for lunch. Tomorrow is my mother’s 79th birthday. She lives in Arkansas for only a year now. I haven’t sent her a birthday card because she is a Jehovah’s Witness, and they do not celebrate holidays or their birthdays. In august she is planning on getting married! Well that is a whole nother conversation–so we will leave that one alone for now!

As regards to my latest writings–I wrote for a couple of hours early yesterday afternoon, and some last night. I am about to write for a bit right now. I am currently working on Season 2 Episode 1. Maria experience John F. Kennedy’s assassination live on TV in her classroom, and she goes on stage with Liberace and does the dance called “The Twist” in front of thousands. And she was not the least bit embarrassed! I am thrilled to have my work in public–although at times I am nervous that it will be received well by others. But I guess the most important thing is that I like it–especially IF I am not hurting anyone!


Today is June 24, 2021 9:21 am. My wife and I are visiting our grandson here in San Diego. I got up at 6:30. I went on line for my weekly bible at 7 am – 8 am. Then I went to McDonald’s to get my wife and family breakfast. After I took my daughter’s two dogs for a walk as I normally do. But this morning our grandson was awake and wanted to walk the dogs with me. He normally is not up this early in the morning–but his dad was getting ready for work. So I guess little Joseph woke up too!

Now I am on my way back home in OC to feed our cats, clean out their litter box and any other mess they made while my wife and I have left a day ago heading to SD. I have some chores and tasks (bills, clean house, water grass/plants, prepare subject for tonight’s bible study, some indoor painting maybe, run errands, etc.) that needs to be tended to. I hope I have time to watch some of the playoff game today for a brief break!

I may drive for Lyft a couple of hours today, or just wait until tomorrow–and start driving from 5 am – ! pm. Rest for a while, then maybe paint indoors. I am planning to drive for Lyft most of the weekend, then make my way back to SD and pick up my wife. After spending some time with our grandson and family, we will drive back home this Sunday.

Sounds like I need to make a schedule and stick to that! Trying to find the right BALANCE in writing, spending time with my wife, family, exercise, chores, errands, bills, ministry, etc. I need to get organized and stay organized religiously. If I stay organized and stay focused, my plan is to complete writing this book and published by this time next year.

Thank you for your prayers. I could use some!!

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