The Beginning

Based on a true story

By Tyrone A. Moore

Maria Ramirez was a descendant of Spanish and English background. No one but her knew the pain she endured in an environment of division and betrayal.

Like rolling the dice, her lot in life was involuntary. None of us gets to pick who our mother, and father is going to be, or what family we are stuck with. Neither did Maria!

Fighting to find her identity and place in this world, Maria’s animal instinct to survive is pushed to the limits of life or death!

In this very dramatic love story, there are twist, turns, lies, hope, exploitation, and seduction.

Spanish Butterfly is laced with love, lust, and betrayal, likened to the aphrodisiac drug, Spanish Fly! My hope is that you would find this story about Maria’s life both intriguing, and inspiring, as I did.

Here’s to time well spent…

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    1. Thank you for your kind and loving words boss! You have always been a powerful and very positive influence in my life throughout the years!
      God bless you and yours as well!!

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