April 12, 2021 Monday 5:50am!

Got up at 3:30 this morning! Went to the car wash and washed my wife’s car. Came home and checked my emails and social media, when I strolled across a message: “Purpose is waiting on YOU,” from a young woman named Kadesha Jenkins, the pastor of “New Beginnings Outreach Ministries International (www.nbomi.org), out of Columbia, South Carolina. The message said, “Purpose is waiting on you. While you scrolling your social media, while you are looking at everybody else, you’re delaying your purpose, you’re delaying your visions. Get up, get to work, and do what needs to be done.” And when I heard this this morning, it stopped me right in my tracks, because, I am not only a Motivational Speaker, a Talent Consultant, and a Writer, I am a “Professional Procrastinator!” God spoke to me through this pastor this very morning. So you guys, as I begin my day of writing, and I get busy with all  the goings on of the day, remember Pastor Jenkin’s very inspiring message today, “Purpose is waiting on you,” do not, make the same mistake as I have all my life, and keep putting “other things” ahead of what’s important in your life. Prioritize your day’s chores, and your life’s goals. So get to it! Start writing that book! Make that sale! Prepare your pitch! Get your portfolio together! Reach out and start networking with positive, and successful people! And above all else, stop listening to all the naysayers and doubters. And PLEASE STOP listening to your own self doubts! You are potentially your greatest enemy, and you don’t even know it. You need to get out of God’s way! And you need to get out of your own way! We teach what we need to learn!! As I am trying to inspire you to be who, and what, you are meant to be, I am too, taking this lesson to heart, and I am talking to myself first. Amen?

God is good, even when we are not being good, or being good to ourselves. Trust and believe that you can do all things though Christ, who will give you the strength you need to succeed! Here’s to all your successes, and to all those you love. Be blessed, and be a blessing!! It is time for me to get to writing. I will see you all later.

By Tyrone A. Moore

Oh, and have a blessed week my new family!!!

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