Spanish Butterfly Season 1- Episode 8 “Living In Anchorage Alaska As A Minority”

By Tyrone A. Moore

The bully of the bunch was Fred Wilson, who was a year older than I, with blonde hair. He was giving me and my family dirty looks when we first moved into the neighborhood. In fact, it seemed as though all the kids on the block were just staring at us as we were moving into our new home. I guess on that particular day, my family and I were celebrities of the day. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if our family wasn’t in the town’s front page news paper stating, “Breaking News…’Come one, come all, and see for yourselves the Hispanic family, moving into your neighborhood live today!” Fred, or as we called him “Freddy the bully,” was wearing short pants and a tank-top. He was short and chubby, and spent his days playing with the other boys in the neighborhood. Summer in Anchorage Alaska wasn’t that bad at all. First of all, I wouldn’t have cared if it was a blizzard going on everyday, because as i stated earlier, I hated school with a passion. Not for learning reasons, but rather because of all the taunting and bullying. So I looked forward to summer so I didn’t have to go to that God-forsaking school! In the summer Anchorage’s temperature usually rises everyday in June to 50 degrees. A few days in June the temperature could rise to 70 degrees, but never in the 80’s. The sun’s rays reach the ground in Anchorage during 40% of daylight hours on an average in June, for a total of 265 hours in the month. Typically on three days this month the sky is mainly clear, with at most 30% cloud cover. Sunlight in June at Anchorage averages 19 hours and 12 minutes a day. The longest days of the year, from around June 18th to 22nd, last 19 hours and 22 minutes from sunrise to sunset. In July most years, the temperature averages a daily maximum between 63 and 68 degrees Fahrenheit (17 to 20 degrees Celsius). July is Anchorage’s hottest month overall, with temperatures peaking from the 22nd to 27th. The minimum temperatures usually falls between 51 and 54 Fahrenheit (10 to 12 Celsius). The youngest and the smallest of the bunch was little Lenny. Only about three years old, he was just out there not really knowing what was going on. Lenny was okay until he got around his older brother Freddie the neighborhood bully! Darsey lived across the street next to Donna & Linda. Darsey was usually quiet, and was just out there that day curious as well as the other kids to who was moving in the vacant house across the street. Darsey was around my sister’s age, and never giving us any trouble. She had straight sandy-blonde hair, at shoulder. Her mother kept her from hanging out with those kids most of the time. She just minded her own business. Julie Clarkson, Freddie and Lenny’s sister, was there also. Then there was Lianne Marie & Ronnie, who lived next door to us. Lianne Marie was the same age as my sister. She too had blonde hair. Ronnie was only a year younger than myself. He had sandy-brownish colored hair. Ronnie and I became really good friends. He was the only boy that would play good with me. I’d only played dolls with his sister sometimes. Because Ronnie was the same age myself, I played with him most of the time. On the day that we moved in to the house next door to them, Ronnie and his sister Lianne obviously came outside to see what we all looked like. We became real good friends. Ronnie and I would play on our seesaw that we had in the backyard. I would never go over to their house. He would usually be outside playing in the front yard whenever I would see him. You also would never see him or his sister playing with the neighborhood kids outside. Their parents was nice, but very strict. His dad was in the military, and allowed Ronnie and his sister outside as less as possible. They were kept out of everyone’s business. He just didn’t go for his kids just hanging out. Especially not with those rude, and rebellious bunch of brats, that hung out across the street. Although Ronnie and his family was Caucasians, like the rest of the people in the neighborhood, they never seemed prejudice like them. They had better morals and values.


On the other hand, there was Kevin Lovely who lived in the corner house. Kevin and his family was well-to-do, and very stuck up. They felt that they were better than everyone else. Kevin was two years older than me. He had light-brownish hair. He was always calling me and my sister black, niggers, and spics! He had a built in train station in his bedroom, and all the other kids would go over to his house, and watch him play with it. He thought he was so cool. The remote control to his train set could only be touched by him! And unlike most of the other kids, Kevin Lovely always, had on brand new clean clothes. His father kept Kevin’s hair cut bald always. And last but not least, their was a brown haired boy named Aaron Richardson, that I would later marry in the years to come! With his hair always combed back, which I thought was ugly, Aaron would always be seen, playing in his little fire engine. He was seven years old, a year older than myself. His older brother Bill, that I spoke about earlier, for some reason frequently wore ripped jeans. And don’t forget they had a sister named Sheila, that baby-sat them when their mother was at work. They all lived around the corner, but Aaron, and Bill, was always across the street, at the hangout house. Aaron, and Bill, had an older brother named Keith. He must have been around eleven years old. Bill was nine, and Aaron was the baby at seven years old. Sheila their sister, was the oldest of the siblings. After their parents divorced, Keith moved out with his dad. It was pretty much routine, around the neighborhood during, my second grade year. The same kids in played together, as I was continuously was being harassed, and called darky, or called the N-word. But when I had started the third grade, I was getting beat up at school, going to, and from school! There are just some things that you can count on. Like, the sun rising everyday, and always having to pay bills. Getting beat almost everyday either at school, or in the neighborhood, I could always count on getting jumped on. I don’t know for the life of me, why I was being singled out, and hated so much. It was as if I was from another planet. No one liked me at school, or in the neighborhood. I hated even going outside! I guess that is why I loved sleeping at every opportunity afforded me. Sleep was the only time I had to get away and have some peace. No one was beating me up, or calling me names there! When my mother would wake me up usually for school, I would quickly realize, that I had to face the real world of being tormented. Most of the time, mom had to yell at me to get me out of bed. “Maria, get out of bed now,” she shouted! At eight years old, I was starting the third grade. My sister Rosita, was eleven years old. My oldest brother Samuel, was 23 years old. He was married and living with his wife. Next to the oldest was Jesus, my other brother. Jesus 21 years old, still lived at home with us. Johnathan was 3 years old, and was the baby in our family. Growing up in our home, Samuel or Sam was always mean to me. When I was about three or four years old, my mom would leave Sam to baby sit us. When my mother left the house, Sam would lock me and my sister up in the coal room. It had no windows of course, being in the basement of the house and all. It was pitch black inside there. Because we didn’t have an electric stove, we had an old coal stove instead. Sam, would also lock me, and my sister up in the closet, and even tie us up with ropes. My brothers Jesus, and Samuel, knew how to tie us up, so that if you moved an inch, the ropes would get tighter around our necks!

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